The Star Track

The backstory for this game is yet to be decided, so right now this is just a simple 3D space shooter that was created for a Maths & Physics course for teaching purposes at SAE Institute London. The game was created in stages, with different parts added on each lesson, as teaching progressed. It serves as a great reference for all material taught in class and was made using my trusty custom-built game engine, Handmade.
The game showcases movement within a 3D world by use of vectors, rotations using matrices and quaternions, and collision volumes, which are currently restricted to AABBs, OBBs and spheres. The enemies are using cheap vector arithmetic to "seek" the player out and hunt him down! Proper steering behaviours will be added in due course.
The aim of the game is for the player to score 5000 points, before getting himself killed, by firing at the enemy space ships before they strike back at him. Health packs appear from time to time and a HUD will keep you updated about your score and health stats.
The enemies are controlled by rigidbodies, meaning the player can create a kind of shockwave pulse and send them flying out into space! The player also uses rigidbody mechanics to make his movement less rigid, so that he can accelerate and decelerate accordingly.

The 3D models and textures were created by Andrew Watson and Dominika Worsa, recent graduates from London Metropolitan University. The background music was created by Chloe Smithyes, from SAE London, and Mark Heichelbech, who has generously created and given away a wealth of free game music. The sound effects were made by SAE London students Tom Jackson and Steven Parsons.