The Job Interview

You are Joe Soap, a recently qualified games development graduate, and it's your first job interview with an elite corporate games company, Games R Us. Nervous and excited, you are determined to get the position.
However, before you get to see the big boss, there are a few tasks at hand that need to be accomplished first. The guard at the door won't let you in until you look appropriately dressed, and the secretary inside won't budge until you have done as she asks.
Along the way you will encounter many items that you can collect, use, combine or give to the people you meet in the game. Be warned, because each item can be interacted with in many different ways, and the options you choose will determine your fate!
Do you have what it takes to solve the puzzles, complete the objectives and keep your confidence at a reasonable level?
This assignment was created as my first year final project at SAE London. I achieved the highest mark possible for this project and given the amount of time and resources I had, I managed to polish up the game and complete it in time for the given deadline. The game was created from scratch, using a previous version of Handmade and demonstrates all the game development techniques I learnt throughout that year.