Handmade : An Educational Game Engine

This is a small educational game engine that acts as a wrapper around the low level commands of OpenGL for rendering and shader functionality, SDL for input, time and game window management, FMOD for audio capabilities, alongside other components. It is meant to serve as a learning device, to fully grasp the fundamentals of C++, OOP, maths, physics, networking, shaders, graphics programming, audio programming, and more.
Furthermore, it can be used to create small 2D and 3D games from scratch without building upon too many high level concepts. The engine is by no means complete and is constantly being improved upon. It exists as a Visual Studio project and the source code is free to use, edit and share amongst all game developers and programmers alike.
This project began as a college assignment initially and soon spawned into something bigger. It was built as a framework to make development of other projects simpler. Originally the OpenGL code used was of the old fixed-function pipeline, but has soon been revamped using the modern shader-based pipeline. All game programming concepts and principles learnt at college have been implemented into this engine, and currently it is being used as an educational tool at SAE London and London Metropolitan to assist teaching other game programming students.

Credit : The Handmade Logo has been created by Michael D'Arcy, who kindly helped me design and work towards an image that exactly reflects what the engine is all about - a handmade tool used to create games from scratch. If you would like to see more of Michael's work, then click the last button below to head straight over to his portfolio website.