Codecracker is a code-breaking game that requires the player to use their grey cells and logic to decipher a secret code. The computer randomly thinks of a color combination and hides it from view in its own row. The player is then required to figure out what colors were chosen, and in what exact position in the row those colors are situated. Having only ten rows available, and using feedback provided by the computer in each row, the player is put to the mental test to see if they have what it takes to be a true code cracker!
This project began many years ago, back in the day when I was learning Turbo Pascal, and it was initially a school project. Since then, it has been recreated a few times using C++ Builder, SDL, and now a new version is being worked on using the Handmade game engine and new artwork made by my brother, who happens to be a professional and talented 2D and 3D artist. The older version is still available to download below, which was previously marketed and sold under the Lazy Dog Games brand name on the now defunct IndieCity games site.