Tools & Tech

Besides games, I also develop many tools and technical demos, that I use in my games programming classes, to show students how game engines work, how to design robust game systems, how real-time rendering can be performed using APIs such as OpenGL, and what truly occurs beneath a game when it runs. Below you will find two game engines and a graphical real-time rendering demo, that I developed over the past few years, which serve as excellent tools for educational purposes.


The games below were created as either college assignments, personal projects or part of a course I developed. Some games are fully playable, others are merely polished one or two-level games that demonstrate a particular game development element or rendering technique. Most games will have been created using earlier versions of Handmade and Handmade Lite.

Coding Standards

The projects above are all based on a certain coding standard that I wrote out for myself to follow at all times. I'll admit I do bend the rules a little bit now and again, but generally my programming principles are strict. I have written a coding standard document for both the C++ and C# languages, as they both have their differences. They are both available to download below.